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high speed, high capacity train   12 meter loading gauge, 1435mm track gauge x2

high speed, high capacity train 12 meter loading gauge, 1435mm track gauge x2

another in the series of over sized trains to meet growing demand in this case however instead of using a wider track gauge to increase the stability and width of a train this train uses to separate 1435 mm tracks that are layed on connected sleepers 6 meters apart (or in this case concrete slab) this arrangement has the advantage that existing rolling stock can continue to use the lines as they did before either in the standard up line down line configuration and when demand requires (such as peak rush hour) can be converted to one way working allowing for this behemoth it again like the last train is 8 meters tall and this time is 9.2 meters wide and 37 meters long while at the same time fitting into the same platform clearances (AAR F plate) as the extra space is gains between the tracks i have tested the clearances and even with the massive over hangs will fit around a minimum 125 meter curve first class with 750mm wide seats carry's around about 390 (9 abreast) 2nd class with 700mm seats around 450 (10 abreast) and 3rd class with 600 mm seats about 500 (12 abreast) the stairs are in line with the nzbc disability access requirements and there are Ada toilets on both levels sleeper car compartments are 3meters by 2.9 allows for 2 bunk beds or a queen (tho that is tight) dining car has a dummy waiters for the upper level and a massive kitchen on the freight side of it with 16 axles per car and an axle loading of 22.5 tonnes allowing for a total weight of 360 tonnes per car allowing up to 10 containers be cars with a maximum of 30 tonnes per container minus the weight of the car in double stacked 3 abreast arrangement #coach #freight_train #high_speed_train #intermodal #mass_transit #passenger_train #public_transport #rail_car #railroad #railway #standard_gauge #train
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