Tesla Valve / Fluid Diode  3D, pipe version

Tesla Valve / Fluid Diode 3D, pipe version

Dylan V.
Based on the same principles as other Tesla Valves, just this time rotating round a pipe. In execution this could be done by making a positive of this using 40mm conduit and garden hose. Encasing that in refractory cement - say in a section of steel drum; and then burning the positive out during baking, lost wax casting style. Picture exactly the form above, but in negative space. That is, imagine the form above as holes in a block or cylinder of some refractory cement mixture. What you'd then have is a (only slightly leaky) one-way valve, but with NO MOVING PARTS! Particularly great for very hot processes, where things like normal seals on valves would be degraded. #Fluid_Diode #Tesla_Valve
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