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My Lightsabers

My Lightsabers

Fell S.
My, (Fell's), Lightsabers connected to turn the two into a double bladed saber. Now the gold surrounding part is suppose to be smoth but the smooth edges thing whouldn't smooth the whole of it, only part, and that created wierd shadowing effects, so..... :) This whould be my charactors 4th set of sabers created after lossing 2 sets and the other one being quickly made out of cheap materials due to being in a place without sabers, well they are on display. Unlike the last set that my charactor had, they utilize standard lightsaber technology, well advanced but mechanical, and do not utilize living components. They both have orange blades like all the ones before that my charactor had and they have adjustible lengths. #blade #doublebladed #Fell #Fell_Skyhawk #light #light_saber #lightsaber #orange #saber #Skyhawk #space #star #star_wars #technology #wars
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