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UTN Dauntles 'Horizon' class Fleet Carrier

UTN Dauntles 'Horizon' class Fleet Carrier

The 'Horizon' class Fleet Carrier is one of the most infamous warships in active service with the UTN fleet. Based on the engine and shuttle bay chasis of the 'Sledgehammer' class Heavy Cruiser, it has the ability to deploy a maximum of 16 'Firefly' class fighters, 8 'Jackhammer' class bombers and various other carreir based ships, depending on it's loadout. Consisting of 8 launch bays capable of launching 2 ships at once, there are also two large landing runways jutting from the front of the enormous ship, able to scoop up 8 ships at a time, whether it be to reload and then launch quickly or simply to come home to roost. As well as launching crippling waves of single ships, the 'Horizon' class also orchestrates the tactical organisation of up to two dozen capital ships. This makes the 'Horizon' class an infamous sight to behold for any enemy of the UTN, as it ussualy heralds the arrival of a massive fleet. If you do find a good enough reason to use this in one of your own models and repost it, please give me a mention. Cheers, spacmarine2000 #Bomber #Cannon #Carrier #Fighter #Gun #Sci_Fi #Ship #Space #Spaceship #UTN #Weapon
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