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295F - yacht - with stright bow - Large yacht

295F - yacht - with stright bow - Large yacht

this is a 295 f / 90-meter Super Yacht with transatlantic reach - and around 4500 NAUTICAL MILE RANGE - the vessel has 4 engines that drive 2 mermaids z drives ---- & 12,00 kW interchangeable and can reach cruising speed of 14 Knots, utilizing the output of 2 engines / 3 or 4 since its electrical driven the design specs call for steel hull with aluminum o fiberglass super structure --- designed by Andrawis yachts and MDI -marine design international - I have a lot of people asking me the price fro such a vessel - the norm is you don't ask because you can't afford it -- to give an answer is difficult as it can be built in Europe /Australia /USA or the far east each can differ in quality craftsmanship and price - and also what engine you will get - there are more than 10 variables but a budget price would be 65 mil to 85 mil for 4 star level - 5 star and 7 star can vary as much as another 20mil to 30 mil --- and the far east may save you another 5 to 10 mil --- but delivery can be longer ??? --------- so basically it's a luxury toy - with a price tag ----- in $$ or BP ------ the owner may want a certain yard to do the work that is his choice or we can advise on several to bid on it a different modern similar yacht with a flared bow --is published in a collection For more information, visit:
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