NarrowBoat British Waterways   "Mylyn"  65 foot Tug UK

NarrowBoat British Waterways "Mylyn" 65 foot Tug UK

This is an Empty Shell ... So plenty of Work here for UK Narrow Boat Modellers... Some Facts About "Mylyn"... "Mylyn" was made in 1953 to inspire fresh life into the decaying British Waterways Networks... It was the final attempt to beat the fast growing although sluggish Road Haulage System, which had all but seen off The Canal Haulage and the Railway Goods Section... "Mylyn" was made to haul "Butties" these are sardine tin shaped hulls the size of a family car, and each of the 10 Butties "Mylyn" would haul holds 10 tons giving a payload of 100 tons with only crew of 5, which was made up of X Navel or seafaring Captains and their families.. "Mylyn" because of her streamlined hull was also designed for Power and Speed, this was due to her Twin 6 Cylinder A.E.C. RouteMaster Bus Diesels...and was the "Off-Roader" of its day.. to get quickly to where she was needed at a speed of up to 20 miles per hour she could use rivers, estuaries and in her case Morecambe Bay with only giving the wash of a traditional Narrow Boat travelling at 5 miles per hour... hope you like her... Why not checkout and join my Sketchup8 ... "Forum8" & "Gallery8" on the Website below... #Boats #Britsh_Waterways #Canal #NarrowBoat #Tug
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