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Rezway II Mario Kart Wii Custom track (Final model)

Rezway II Mario Kart Wii Custom track (Final model)

This is a remake of a popular, but notoriously glitchy level by Trent Rez/Tom Sawyer for Mario Kart Wii that was originally made with MSPaint. Paint sounds like a really weird program to make a model with, but it was the only way to make levels in the early days of custom track creation. As you might suspect, models made with paint were very limited. To make my version, I took a print screen from the KMP editor (which shows the level's minimap, along with coordinates), imported it into sketchup and used it as a rough guide to trace the track. I used information from the KMP editor to accurately position the track so that objects like item boxes and trees would only need minimal position adjustments. I also used textures from my first custom track, Rooster Island, since they fit pretty well with the look of the original version of Rezway. Download the playable level and see video here: #CT #custom_level #custom_track #diddy_kong_racing #dkr #gokart #gokart_track #gran_turismo #grand_prix #kart_racing #mario_kart #mario_kart_wii #mariokart #ocean #race_track #racing_circuit #rezway #riivolution #Rooster_Island #Super_Mario_Kart #Super_Nintendo #wii
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