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HMC LDT (Light Duty Truck) (2000-present day)

HMC LDT (Light Duty Truck) (2000-present day)

HMC nearly cancelled their truck line in late 1998 after production on the F series ended. Falling sales and a lack of funding and design brought HMC truck production to a standstill. However, by 1999, a new design for a new series of trucks was created, and hence the first one, the LDT was born. The Light Duty Truck is named because it is a two-door, two-seater rated for low-medium loading and medium towing capabilities. The truck also received HMC's revised V-8, as seen in the Sport Tourer as well, although it was slightly upgraded for more power. This truck comes in 2wd rear or 4wd. #HMC #HMC_LDT #HMC_Light_Duty_Truck #truck #vehicle
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