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The NEW and IMPROVED Best arena ever.

The NEW and IMPROVED Best arena ever.

Gary M.
We've all been demanding it, and we've all been wanting to see it again. Well here it is amigos. The 3D arena that everyone loves and remembers is back and with a bit of extra flare. I got my old one back from a very great friend (who never clears his history) and I figured that I should use what i've learnt (my new techniques) to make the arena better than it was. The last one was HUGE and overscaled, so I cut down the amount of seats, I've also made the corners smoother and it's all just awesome now. We now have a roofing system that I think looks really realistic and cool. So yeah, no credits as far as I can tell, you NEED to credit me if you use this and I can happily announce that any stage I make from now on will definatly fit into this arena perfectly. (assuming i use the same scaling measurements) If it doesn't fit in, i'll let you know and i'll probably just make a new arena! Thank you all. #wwe_tna_wcw_wwf_roh_fcw
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