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The graduated line is a simple tool for measuring lengths. It consists of a finger in which a graduated scale is drawn. There are essentially two types: Rigid, the most accurate (eg metric rods, rulers, foldable meters). Flexible, less precise, but allowing for measurements on slightly curved surfaces (eg flexible rulers, flexometers). Common rows, used in stationery or technical drawing, are made of plastic because of the economic realization; More rarely, they can be found with traditional wood. These types often have poor precision due to construction defects, and they tend to deform and become damaged during use. For professional use, those in which the metric scale is engraved in the material with which the line is constructed are preferred. To reduce deformation and wear problems, rows can be made of aluminum, as it is more durable than plastic, it is a relatively lightweight material. The lines for the workshops and the mechanical laboratories need even greater resistance, so they are made of stainless steel (to prevent rust formation makes the reading difficult or scaling the ladder). Metallic rows have the opaque surface to avoid glare during reading in the workshops or in the mechanical laboratories. Rows made of wood or plastic, used in stationery or technical drawing, are commonly used in school and are stored in the box. #Ruler
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