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CNS Pizza/Edson Grocery/White River Savings Bank

CNS Pizza/Edson Grocery/White River Savings Bank

Creating Hartford
The White River Savings Bank/Edson Grocery building is located on the east side of South Main Street. It was originally constructed c. 1880 as a 2-story building. It had clapboard siding, and a full-facade flat-roofed porch, as well as first story display windows. Between the years of 1894 and 1901 the building was raised, and a first story was added. This new wood-framed, 3-story building has a rectangular footprint and sits directly on the street. The storefront is made of fake brick siding, while the rest of the building is composed of aluminum siding and a concrete foundation. Above the 1st story storefront lies an off center large oriel window with five windows. This window as added sometime during the 1930s. Two large single-paned glass windows flank the store’s main entrance. The White River Savings Bank, which was established in 1886 was the first known business located in the building. The basement was used as a meat market, while the first story was then used for a drugstore, and the second story was a photography studio and the bank. From the late 1800s until the 1940s G.S. Edson operated the Edson Grocery Store in this building. Then from 1953 through 1973, the building was owned and operated by the American Legion. Since then, the building is now CNS Pizza, and is also being used as apartments. For more info please visit:
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