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Vessel Commanders

Vessel Commanders

Maarten V.
These are the uniforms of my vessel commanders. The Front Row consists of my Supreme Admiral (OF-10), who is the leader of Central Command (which rules all military services) and his second in command, the Lieutenant-Admiral (OF-9) Then my 3 Admirals (OF-8) are next, there are currently 3 Admirals (the 1th, 2nd and 3th), if another Fleet is created, than it's leader will be the Admiral of the 4th Fleet, the Uniform would be identical to that of a 3th Admiral however; the 1th Admiral outranks the 2nd, the 2nd outranks the 3th; Each Admiral commands a Fleet Command Vessel and a Fleet There are also 3 Vice-Admirals (OF-7) (each Vice-Admiral is assigned to an Admiral and they are therefore also ranked 1th, 2nd and 3th); The Border Fleet, stationed at Luna Base (a Fleet Base at the Earth Moon) is being led by a Commodore (OF-6) Last are the Commanders (OF-5) the leaders of a Battlecruiser or Frigate; and the Captains (OF-4) the leaders of a Deep Space Interceptor or Patrol Vessel My thanks to the persons who created the original uniforms (I can't seem to get the hang off making clothes in SketchUp :P)
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