If you've ever played the fabulous Online game, Mayhem (Copyright Caivan Butlerbruch Studios 2007-2014) (which hasn't even come out yet) you would always know your first jet, the Zipper, and never forget it. When you get this, you don't even know that's only one of the 17 ships and jets that you get. This puny Battlestar will seem like gold and get you through millions of battles with the evil 'Erlings, Oldervils, Nomberkopps, Fwearklebumbs, and way, way more, before you even know there is a Swordfish A_1. How do you get this wonder of the world, you may ask? Simple. Just look for the shovel hidden in the Tuxedo Coat in your neighbors closet (we like stuff to be surprising, so we won't tell you which one. But since there are 1,408 rooms in the apartment, we will tell you a little secret. It is 3 stories down. You start out on the 9th floor. You do the math) and go out back to the damadged golf course, and dig, dig, and dig. You might want to get a cup of coffee or something while you are digging, because this takes 15-20 minutes to dig. It is 27 yards down into the ground, and we try to make our games as real a possible, so it takes a while. Which field is it, you may ask? Feel free to check out the model and load it into your Google SketchUp and look around to find out! #Albuquerque #Albuquerque_Holiday_Inn #Apartment #Butlerbruch #Caivan #Caivan_Butlerbruch #Holiday_Inn #Mayhem #online_game #The_Zinger #Zinger
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