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Narrows Park Casino (building B1)

Narrows Park Casino (building B1)

Around the turn of the last century (1898) the Cumberland Electric Railway, a streetcar line in Cumberland, Maryland built a park in nearby LaVale, Maryland. They extended the streetcar service from Cumberland to the park in LaVale. The park was Narrows Park, a name still on the maps, but with no clue of the history of that name. This drawing is a reconstruction of one of the buildings form the publically available. The building is long gone, and its location on Google maps is my best estimate after quite a bit of work modeling the buildings, streetcar tracks and studying USGS maps. This is being modeled in N scale as part of modeling the railroads in the area. and is copyright Charles W. Sloane (that's me). You may use this for your own personal non-commercial non-money-making etc. purposes. And I make no kind of guarantee to anything. #Cumberland #Cumberland_Electric_Railway #Interurban #LaVale #Maryland #Narrows_Park #Streetcar #Trolley #Western_Maryland
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