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My entry for the SketchUp 3D Challenge #004 - Deep Sea Residence. The AguaVida Project, founded in 2035, intends to create livable homes in the oceans of the earth for people who do not want to live on land. Each underwater neighborhood consists of a hexagonal base on the ocean surface, which provided sewage, plumbing, and some of the electricity used by each AguaVida. This AguaVida, located in the Pacific Ocean next to Seward, Alaska, in the United States of America, comes with three bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, Internet access, and free DISH Network access. Most of the electricity is taken from the power of the sun, wind, and water, although some comes from the excess energy from the hexagonal base below. The computer can also be used as a television, using the AV-TV Software, which comes with the AguaVida. Food and drink are provided at a free restaraunt which can be reached via the AguaVida elevator. The AguaVida elevator also takes residents to the surface, if they wish. Oxygen is provided through the oxygen tube at the top of each AguaVida. #3d_challenge_004 #AguaVida #underwater
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