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Roman Grating old farm-house.

Roman Grating old farm-house.

Enrico Dalbosco (Arrigo Silva)
This old farm-house is a typical old building that you can admire traveling the venetian country. It is built on a crossing of the Graticolato Romano (The Roman Grating designed to demarcate the lands north of Padua given by Augustus Emperor to the legionary veterans) of the "cardo" C.K. III, a main polar road, and "decumano" S.D.X, a corresponding perpendicular. The Cardi and the Decumani are 710 metres one from the other and seen from above appear as the corner of a Street and Avenue in New York, in a Roman town planning. The Graticolato Romano is actually to be meant as a gigantic crossword, which was defining the properties limits (see it in Google Earth!) [from] --- ---- --- Version updated in Feb 2011 to fit the new configuration of the Google Earth terrain --- ---- --- See also a photo in Google Earth/Panoramio ==> If you like this model, please visit my site at ! #Arrigo_Silva #campodarsego #country #Dal_Bosco #Enrico_Dalbosco #farmhouse #graticolato_romano #old #padova #roman_grating #santandrea #venetian #veneto
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