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Stratford High School Primary Football Concession Stand

Stratford High School Primary Football Concession Stand

Michael Eason
Created by students Matthew Morris ’16 and Christian Morse ‘16 as part of our Stratford 3D Campus Project. This is the primary concession stand for the football stadium located on the Stratford Campus. Modeling instruction and assistance was provided by Michael Eason (teacher). Stratford’s computer club Cyber Knights will continue this project to give Stratford a presence in Google Earth. Stratford High School opened in 1983 with approximately 1100 students. An addition was added in 1998 to increase the physical capacity to 1600 students. Michael Eason began teaching at Stratford in 1999. He likes to say that Stratford is the “real” SHS and “the” high school in Goose Creek. #29445 #951_crowfield_blvd #951_crowfield_boulevard #christian_morse #computer_club #concession_stand #cyber_knights #football_concession_stand #goose_creek #matthew_morris #michael_eason #sc #shs #south_carolina #stratford_high_school
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