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EliAcoustic Curve Panel 60 Premiere Beige

EliAcoustic Curve Panel 60 Premiere Beige

EliAcoustic-Acoustic Decorative
The studied geometry (convex) with surface treatment of textile finishing, it gives a unique acoustic qualities. Thanks to its curved geometry, acoustic energy is not absorbed by the panel, it will be reflected with different reflection angle of incidence (which provides extra room diffusion). Moreover, surface treatment, operates the sound absorber as a small resonator, that is, with this technology got increase sound absorption panel in mid and low frequencies, something very important in rooms dedicated to music. Its geometric design makes panel layout in different configurations (vertical-horizontal-diagonal), which will provide an aesthetic finish to the room at the same time improving its acoustics. The absorbent acoustic EliAcoustic Curve 60 Premiere is especially useful to control the early reflections and reverberation time at mid-high frequencies for recording studios, broadcast, restaurants and offices. General Characteristics Dimensions of each panel: 595.0 x 595.0 x 88.0 mm Tear resistance: no Washable: yes Reaction to fire: EuroClass F Acoustic absorption: High Acoustic diffusion: Low Possibility of combinations Applications: Rooms audio hi-end Home-cinemas Rooms broadcasting Recording studios and mastering Packing Units per box: 2 units Box dimensions: 610 x 610 x 220 mm 3.1 kg Description of Materials Material: Acoustic Foam + cover textile Foam type: M1 Installation Easy to install Location: roof and walls Fastening Type: Stuck #absorbent_acoustic #absorption #conditioning #curve_panel #EliAcoustic #eliacoustic_curve #homecinema #music #noise #reverberation #sound
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