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Forest office interior (PLZ RATE!!!!)

Forest office interior (PLZ RATE!!!!)

dill pickle
baced on the interior of FLLWsJohnson Wax Building(i made the exterior,check it out)which was like working under lilypads and supposably increased productivity by ALOT!(Johnson Wax is now SC Johnson, a family company,they make,uh,Saran,ziploc,off,raid,glade,oust,pledge,shout,scrubbing bubbles,windex).Anyway,i figured,if a few lilly pad shaped columbs can help that much,I know being in a forest,even a really tiny one,is really peaceful,so imagine what that would do!Basicly,the pillars are green tinted,steel rod reinforced concrete,and are hollow for carrying nessisary things like electricity,air conditioning,water,ect.Speaking of water,the office has 4 small "streams" running through it,filled by rainwater (which is filtered for conservation until the next rain).The rain comes in through the center tree columb and out through the glass topped rivers.That way nothing accidentaly gets dropped in the water, it can serve as a walkway, and it allows for freer movement(not having to cross bridges at inconvenient spots or having to jump over).Im also thinking about adding jagged holes in the roof to let light in like light filtering in through leaves.It is also filled with desks(i got all the computers and stuff from the warehouse but i made the desk and chair myself,but they made it really laggy so i hid them.I'm also working on a canyon one courtesy of and a ocean wave executive office.Actually, the canyon was already pretty much done,but something happened and it went screwy..
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