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Shotgun House

Shotgun House

A 2 bed/1 bath Shotgun House. The brown part is suppose to be a expansion and the white part of the house had moved aroound walls,Now how the house was made. Credit to all who helped to this beatiful house. This was orignally maded by Sketchup. I disliked how they built it. So I added Interior walls, Knocked down the porch & removed doors/windows. Expanded,redid the texture of the building,and added landscaping to the house,and boom. Southern/New Orleans/Gretna/Houma Shotgun house,Now you have to fill in the interior. I got the walls bath,and kitchen done,So Im making it YOUR Turn to furnish a model of mine. #destoryed #houma #house #landscape #louisiana #neworleans #porch #shot #shotgun #sketchup #thundercarpet
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