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patches 8

patches 8

John M.
I think the biggest change here is that the dormers are lengthened by 1 ft each toward the edges of the house (for a total of 12 ft.). I did this mainly for interior functional reasons, the space in the loft where the roof came down seemed to me to be awkward and unusable for much. Now we could, for instance, fit a bookshelf and cabinet on the west end of the loft and be able to reach it without bumping our heads. I also think it looks better on the exterior. I also raised the pitch of the dormer roof by 2 degrees (from 19.5 to 17.5), which gives us more headroom in the loft nooks. Check it out. I'm not sure what I think about the exterior look. And I changed the windows in the loft to 3 awnings side by side. Although I don't like the exterior look quite as much as double hungs I think it's a good feature because 1. we could keep the loft windows open without worry and 2. they give you a nice full view from both the nooks and fit above a desk on the east end. I really like the look of the two smallish double hungs so I put those on the north-end dormer. One is centered on the stairs (I deleted the lower stair window that looked down into the shower) and the other is inside the bathroom. I also put that same window duo on the east and west end in the loft. I think they look great there, and they fit underneath a couch on the east end. The west end isn't as convenient, because it would be tough to open them. Maybe awnings in the same configuration?
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