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Machinedramon animated

Machinedramon animated

Finally I did it!. This was a very difficult model. And very good. And very detailed. (and very big) It is shaped as a game, where you can control Machinedramon ( when I was younger I was a Digimon fan - and time didn't changed me). You have to control this Machine Digimon and battle Seraphimon (to be honest, Seraphimon's attacks are a little crappy. Sorry.) The best piece is Machinedramon, and I add some background later. Credits to DGMM for head and chest of Machinedramon and Seraphimon. He did some very good Digimon static models, not simple to make in my opinion I know that is a heavy file, so you have two modes: Play and Play- more details. The first is faster, the second is graphically better. The instructions are in How to use and Path. Originals are a presentation of the two Digimon. If you have any suggestionhow to fix this model's bugs, write it! If necessary, I will create an update version. (and don't forget to rate) #cannon #cannons #detailed #Digimon #digital #digiworld #game #joint #Machinedramon #monster #oscillator #Physics #quality #Seraphimon #Sketchy #SketchyPhysics
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