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tarm® Laserray AT Series ( All Taipan )

tarm® Laserray AT Series ( All Taipan )

Laser Wizard
tarm® Laserray AT RGB 9000 Stable, dustproof aluminium laser housing incl. antireflection coated glass. High End aircooled laser system, existing only of 3 laser sources with the best beam parameters of its class. Brilliant colours. Signal-Input: ILDA- Standard, DMX, SubD25 IN/OUT Analogue modulation: up to 100kHz Operating voltage: 90-240VAC; 50-60Hz; 1,0kW Operating temperature: 10°- 35°C X,Y Scanner CT 6210 HP (Cambridge Technology) with “high-speed” driver electronics and integral safety beam blocking via a shutter. Scanning angle ILDA Standard 7° 50kpps Scanning angle ILDA Standard 55° 25kpps Additional Effects Art-Effect, continuously variable insertion via GM20 Line Effect, continuously variable insertion via GM20 Scanner Grating, multiple-order grating will be engaged to scanner Dimensions: 555x373x235mm (WxDxH) Weight: 36kg Coherent Taipan Modul red Coherent Taipan Modul green Coherent Taipan Modul blue #Bühne #high #Laser #Lighting #power #Showlaser #Stage #tarm
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