İzmir Cumhuriyet Anıtı
The monument on which is written our Great Leader Atatürk's noted order "Army! Your first destination is Mediterranean, next!" was built by Italian sculpture Pietro Canunica (1869-1962) in 1932. Its pedestal was designed by senior architect Asım Kömürcü. The monument majestically depicts Atatürk with his right hand pointing towards the sea in his uniform on a horse. A woman with a flag in her hand, a child and a troop on the front side of pedestal represents the nations altogether struggle in the independence war. The reliefs as to the national battle on the base worth seeing. Atatürk Monument was opened by Prime Minister of the period, İsmet İnönü following the speech of Mayor Dr. Behçet Uz in July 18, 1932. This monument expresses the gratitude of İzmirs people to Atatürk. #Anıt #Atatürk #Cumhuriyet #İzmir #Konak #Liberty #Monument #Republic #Türkiye
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