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Low poly Gauss cannon

Low poly Gauss cannon

The M68 Gauss Cannon is a weapon that fires hypervelocity, high-density projectiles similar to those of a MAC gun. It is mounted on the rear of the M12G1 Warthog LAAV. It is very powerful and very useful against vehicles. However, it is not as effective against infantry as the M41 LAAG, which is also mounted on the Warthog. This is because there is little splash damage and it has as slower rate of fire, but a direct hit will kill most enemies in one shot, two if they have an overshield. Due to its power and speed it is a good weapon against Wraiths.-Halopedia #gaus #gaus_cannon #gauss #gauss_cannon #gos #gos_cannon #M68 #mac #mac_gun #turret #warthog
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