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2014 VIVA Andreas

2014 VIVA Andreas

Andrew Endominium
This description will NOT follow the format I made for descriptions/tags. SInce xrw made those templates and specially made one just for me, I decided I'd turn one into a VIVA for him. This is the VIVA Andreas. I came up with the name because my name is Andrew. En Español, de Andre. Sounds a little like Andreas. And xrw made some GTA IV models. San ANDREAS was a GTA game (and a lot of people's favs, my all-time second fav GTA game). Y Venezuela habla Español. I used the Grand Theft Auto font on the back. This has the same frame, and for the most part, same body, as the EL typeLG. I put amber/orange turn indicators on the back because, after reading Wikipedia's entire article on Automotive Lighting, I learned that in most countries, turn indicators must be either amber. Orange is close enough to amber. I put the link as because that will redirect you to the page in your language. @xrw: I dind't know that. I always thought it was Andre. Oh, and thanks for accepting this as a VIVA! @xrw (again): Speaking of which, what IS your favorite Grand Theft Auto? #2013_EL_typeLG #960h #Same_credits_as_the #VIVA #xrw #xrw960h #xrw960h_PLEASE_LOOK_AT_THIS
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