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Rugeley B Power Station, Staffordshire

Rugeley B Power Station, Staffordshire

Rugeley Power Station is a coal-fired power station located near Rugeley in Staffordshire. The site had two power stations on the site Rugeley A and Rugeley B. The A station was the first joint venture between the CEGB and NCB. The station took coal directly from the neighbouring Lea Hall Colliery by conveyor belt. The colliery was put into production some 6 months before the first generating unit was commissioned. This was the first such arrangement in Britain. The A station has been closed and demolished. The current B station has an output of 1,000 megawatts (MW) and has a 400 kilovolt (kV) connection to the national grid. The station has the capacity to power roughly half a million homes. Rugeley B Power Station was commissioned in 1970 to work with the A station, and was completed by 1972. With both stations in operation, 850 people were employed at the stations in 1983. The current figure is only 146. A Flue Gas Desulfurization plant was constructed and commissioned at the B station in 2009. This will allow it to comply with environmental legislation and continue to generate electricity. The Rugeley B station uses two 500 MW generating sets, which can produce 8,760,000 MWh each year. The station usually burns 1.6 million tonnes of coal a year, producing 240,000 tonnes of ash. #Coal #Fired #Portbury #Power #Rugeley #Stafford #Staffordshire #Station #TRM_DA
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