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Cincinnati Zoo Entrance

Cincinnati Zoo Entrance

Kurt G.
The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, is the second-oldest zoo in the United States and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It opened in 1875, just 14 months after the Philadelphia Zoo on July 1, 1874. The Reptile House is the oldest zoo building in America, dating from 1875. The Cincinnati Zoo is located in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Avondale. It was founded on 65 acres (260,000 m²) in the middle of the city, and since then it has acquired some of the surrounding blocks and several reserves in Cincinnati's outer suburbs. Cincinnati Zoo's urban setting differentiates it from some other American zoos which are in suburban areas. The zoo conducts breeding programs, especially for cheetahs, black rhinoceros, white Bengal tigers, and lowland gorillas. A bonobo was born at the zoo in December 2003, bringing the U.S. zoo population to 60, of which seven are in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Zoo was the home of Martha, the last living passenger pigeon, which died there in 1914. It also was home to the last living Carolina parakeet in 1918. The Zoo also has the California Sea Lion, Diana Monkey, Mantled Guereza, and Congo Peafowl. ( Photo texture courtesy of Paul Everett - Retrieved via the Wikipedia commons. (
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