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Quasar Class Mine Laying Ship

Quasar Class Mine Laying Ship

Chris H.
The Quasar Class Mine Laying Ship is usually deployed in groups of 3 with the rest of a fleet. Their main role is to lay mines in orbit around planets, in a battle, where the heat of battle could make a captain miss seeing a mine and strike it, and to mine shipping lanes to block enemy spacetrains. The Quasar Class holds 25 mines, each of which has a 50 megaton nuclear bomb inside and an array of sensors, to explode only in the proximity of an incoming enemy spacecraft. They serve as useful blocks to make enemy ships maneuver into a trap, or simply just to blow them out of space. The Quasar class also has 3 quad laser turrets (courtesy of Andy) for point defence against starfighters. The three Pratt and Whitney FD-450B Fusion Drives allow for 5.5G of acceleration, enough to escape from a mine about to detonate. #50 #battle #bomb #cannon #class #explosion #future #heat #laser #laying #megaton #mine #nuclear #quad #quasar #ship #star #stars #war #warfare #wars
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