Entrance Trellis
This standalone trellis is a great “soft privacy” solution, meaning it works beautifully on its own with vegetation on either side. But it also works beautifully surrounded by cedar fencing. It’s made with big bold Western Red Cedar posts, so it adds a lot of visual impact and curb appeal to front yards. And the trellis on top supports a wide variety of climbing plants. The entire design calls for Western Red Cedar, so it’s going to create a lasting first impression because nothing looks, feels…or smells quite like Real Cedar. When it comes to specifying sizes, we recommend asking your local Real Cedar retailer if they have any short lengths in stock. Using short lengths means less cutting, less waste and more savings for you. Search for kiln dried material, if available. Visit us at https://www.realcedar.com/outdoor/free-diy-project-plans/ for more free project plans.
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