"My Little Friend"
If you have watched Scarface by Al Pacino, you will know what is this. Sorry the in movie model did not have a real M203 grenade launcher, but the Cobray 37mm flare launcher instead (due to the fact that movie's producers could not get their hand on a real one since M203 is classified as destructive weapon and cannot be sold to civillians). My model here is what "My Little Friend" supposed to be: an M16A1 with "jungle style" duel mags, M203 (and not the airsoft M203 that COD used) attachment. The only thing wrong with this is the rifle itself, this is an XM16E1, but I figured that it was close enough so here is it. I am making some of my most favorite and iconic movie weapons, this is the second one, will upload some others soon. This gun is NOT MINE, Main gun made by The great baghead, M203 heatshield made by MRC_tec, M203 made by kilerman, 40mm HE round by Glen, awesome models are made by them. Thanks y'all arma larga m16
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