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Meridiana (Air Italy) Airbus A330-300

Meridiana (Air Italy) Airbus A330-300

Le Plus Étrange
I'm back after so long. Meridiana is an Italian airline based at Malpensa Airport, Milan. Qatar Airways owns 49% of Meridiana, and wants to grow it into "Italy's national airline", by renaming it to Air Italy (which happens to be an airline that operates under Meridiana, and revamping the fleet and brand identity. First step: Using QR A330s to launch flights from Milan to Miami and New York. I thought about giving them a new livery à la Qatar, so I used the Italian wolf instead of the Oryx in the logo, but kept the design similar. I changed the burgundy to a more Italian-flag red too, and instead of the dark grey Arabic titles, I used the Italian for "Air Italy", Aria Italia. I think this may be better as an interim livery, so I'll do some more tweaking to the colours, and maybe make it more Al Maha-esque (the design, not the colours, ew). This took me very long to do. Gosh. Thanks to PlanespotterA320 for the template. #Meridiana #QatarAirways #oneworld #Italy #Milan #Malpensa #A330
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