the dwarf is a strong two manned ( mix ) mech it has a recoil flail that can shoot 20 meters far and pretty much trash anything that is half the size of in in 1 hit also it has 2 shoulder blasters and 1 arm fire cannon think its awsome enough !??!?!... anyways its gun barrel 500cm radius can blast through 2 ft of steel and implant its warhead the top person is meant to control and walk the bot and the bottum is meant to shoot and move the arms...HOW IT WORKS: the DWARF has 3 joints on each leg and 3 soccets on each arm its feet keep it stable ( so it wont fall ( duh ) ) its flame cannon which is made by a very large burst of gasoline the flail has a gear the recoils the chans and pushes it in and then the ball goes 20 meters because its not just pushed out it uses compression to launch the flail end. it hold two people the top one is for arms and weapon the bottum is for controling it plz rate it took 4 3v3r! #awsome #color #colored #cool #mech #mecha #robot #scifi #super
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