Screenshot buildings Siera: Stargate empires of  the lost galexy.

Screenshot buildings Siera: Stargate empires of the lost galexy.

French Maker
This are some of the buildings we going to use in our new siera game, we use this buildings so not the background! we use vue6 for the background, google sketchup for buildings, and some other things for the units. Hope you like the new buildings. Stargate empire of the lost galexy is a strategy game, where youo have to play with on of the 7 races alien or human. you have to colonize planets build mining facilities on asteroid destroy space vessel bomb planets, est. All the lanets will be round and you can land on them even go trough the atmosphere, so if you have a ship you can fly to that planet without loading bars or stuff, you can build cities on planets mining facilities military factories, est. with our new programs we will get an improved enviorment. we will have giant purple atmospheres with toxic seas on 1 planet and giant volcanos and lava rivers on another planet. with the diversity of eco systems, online gameplay, and a endless amount of buildings and units this wil be the best siera strategy game ever. P.S. the buildings will be improved, and again the background is NOT the real enviorment. #building #residence #screenshot #Siera #space #war
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