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Biscuits - for woodworking joinery

Biscuits - for woodworking joinery

Biscuits (sometimes called plates or bisquits) are used to join two pieces of wood or sheet goods. Biscuit joinery is a woodworking technique based on the use of a biscuit cutter and oval pieces of wood. The biscuit cutter uses a saw blade to cut a crescent shaped slot in matching pieces of wood which are then joined together with a biscuit and glue. It is similar to loose tenon joinery or dowels, but has its own advantages and disadvantages. ----------------The technique was popularized as the “Lamello Wood Joining System“, and the Lamello Company of Switzerland set the standard sizes of the biscuits. The model is based on those standards and is dimensioned in millimeters. ----------------Other sizes of biscuits are made, but they are relatively rare - some use other blade sizes. Many companies make biscuit joiners and biscuits. #Biscuit #Biscuit_Joiner #Biscuits #Bisquit #Bisquits #joinery #Lamello #Lamello_Wood_Joining_System #Plate #Plate_Joiner #Plates #wood_working #Woodworking
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