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Walking Girl - Natty

Walking Girl - Natty

An import of N180913 from archive3d.net, painted, dressed. As she bore a resemblence to myself, I've named her Natty, coloured her accordingly (darkish as I'm mixed Asian/European), and dressed her in my favorite outfit. The belt imported with the model, and was practically identical to a belt I own, although I don't usually wear that particular belt with that dress. The dress and boots are made from scratch using Sketchup Make, modelled after my own wardrobe items. The dress is a New Zealand wool knit, it is a slightly open weave, and a snug fit, so I do catch some men staring at me, and they are not looking at my eyes! I've matched the colour as best I can. The boots haven't been tidied up as much as I like, and I would have added finer details such as the zipper at the back of each boot, but I don't think anyone would even notice if I spent the extra few hours to do so. I hope you find this model useful in your scenes! #Boots #Dress #Female #Girl #Human #People #Person #Woman
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