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Vehicles - Hyundai Accent WRC

Vehicles - Hyundai Accent WRC

World Rally Car is a term used to describe racing automobiles built to the specification set by the FIA, the international motorsports governing body, and used to compete in the outright class of the World Rally Championship The WRC specifications were introduced by the FIA in 1997. Technical regulations mandate that World Rally Cars must be built upon a production car with a minimum production run of 2500 units. A number of modifications may be made to the car, including but not limited to Engine with displacement of no more than 2.0 litres, Turbocharger with Anti-Lag System, Four wheel drive, Sequential gearbox, Aerodynamic parts,Weight reduction to a minimum weight of 1230 kg, Chassis strengthening for greater rigidity and safety enhancement (rollcage). However, unlike Group A, manufacturers are no longer required to build "Homologation Specials" in order to meet approval. The base model need not have the characteristics of the WRC car, as evidenced from cars such the Peugeot 206, 307, Citroën Xsara and Škoda Fabia, which have no road car variant with a turbocharged petrol engine or four wheel drive.
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