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Veemgebouw Strijp-S

Veemgebouw Strijp-S

The Veemgebouw is in the northwest of the city on the former Philips complex S, these days better known as Strijp-S. The Strijp-S site borders the city's inner ring road (Beukenlaan). In the coming years, the Veemgebouw (aka the Veem) and the area around it are going to undergo a complete metamorphosis. The former warehouse is to become a powerful crowd puller, with retail functions oriented around food, living and design. The architect in charge of modernising the Veemgebouw is Caruso St John from London. #3dClearEarth #Eindhoven #Gemeente_Eindhoven #Philips #renovatie #StrijpS #Studio_Ode
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