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Fortressia Defence Couron Class Super Star Destroyer

Fortressia Defence Couron Class Super Star Destroyer

Michael H.
Fortressia has just unveiled the newest Super Star Destroyer, the Couron Class. This ship fits Supreme Admiral Mike Hamilton's daughter Ysanne Hamilton's needs. The Couron Class is the latest in the Star Destroyer line up with state of the art weapon systems: this Super Star Destroyer can engage in battle with any ship and still win. This Star Destroyer is basically a mobile weapons platform. these ships are built for major combats and they are armed to the teeth with the latest in Fortressian weaponry (ranges from hidden turbo-lasers, hidden torpedo launchers, hidden missile launchers {concussion missiles and ballistic missiles alike}, hidden Ion torpedo launchers, not to mention the Ion/EMP bombs and plasma bombs alike, and plenty of antistarfighter cannons which are also hidden). The Couron Class Super Star Destroyer Ysanne Isard Hamilton was refitted (with new weapon systems and the latest defence shields and the latest in engine strip technology) 2 standard months after being placed in service alongside the Eclipse II Super Star Destroyer Emancipator in the Fortressian Navy. Ship size is 250km long by 118km wide by 140km high and requires a crew of 800,700 people. This sort of Super Star Destroyer can hold 40 squadrons of fighters - that is 480 starfighters! #Fortressia #Fortressia_Defence #Ysanne_Isard_Hamilton
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