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G51-L Hand Cannon Assault Rifle

G51-L Hand Cannon Assault Rifle

The Unofficial
The G51-L is the lightweight version of the G51-H and features new synthetic materials. The overall weapon is grey, with some areas red and yellow, and is identical to the H version. It fires high-speed anti-material lasers and still features all of the heavy version's abilities. The only major difference is the recoil, which is extremely low, and the weight, 4 pounds. Automatic magazine ejection commands are available exclusively to the L-variant as part of it's Voice Command feature, and are not seen on the H-variant. Due to this, the G51-L is more reliable and more advanced then its first predecessor, the G51-H. It is no longer electrotech but more of a modernized synthetic type of metallic gun and delivers high results in battle. #Assault_Rifle #Futuristic_Guns #Futuristic_Weapon #G51 #G51_Hand_Cannon #G51_Variants #G51L #G51L_Hand_Cannon #Hand_Cannon #Laser_Cannon
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