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3rd Batavia City Hall

3rd Batavia City Hall

Jakarta History Museum. The Third City Hall of Batavia, officially opened in 1710, but not finished until 1712. Replaced the second city hall, which was inadequate for a famous and wealthy city such as Batavia was at that time. It is the most important building from the time of the VOC, seen from an architectural point of view. The building has been used as a court, prison, marriage register and as a prayer room for Dutch and Malay Services. Now it is a museum. Since 1974 it houses the remains of the valuable furniture collection of the 17th and 18th centuries, brought together by the "Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences" and other objects of historical interest. Radya Rules! Painted white again, like it should be. #Batavia_City_Hall #Jakarta_History_Museum
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