mpts aar f plate-w  high speed  duel track  12 car emu

mpts aar f plate-w high speed duel track 12 car emu

after many years out work my dream has come true to see this move and come to life thanks the the eneroth railroad system (which i highly recommend) based loosely on the superliner II rail cars the concept is that park two of em side by side and extend the body between them in this wa the new 9.2 meter wide cars will remain compatible with existing structure gauge architecture (ie platforms and track side signals) there by making it more comparable with existing aar f plate duel track lines ( minor problems may occur with changing track centers and between-track signaling which will have to be moved / changes ... (you know minor stuff :P) also available coming soon are freight cars which take 12 40 ft containers ( as so as i get the bogies working) which can reduce a 60 car h plat train to a 12 car f plate-W train.. i think ...actually it might be a bit taller ill have to check..) p.s oh right also this model is fully detailed..well the train is the station not so much but with the file pushing 32 mb i thought it would be a bit much to detail that too it does have under passes and stairs tho i also recommend riding the train from the inside with eneroths and also have a look with the second floor layer removed to see just how cavernous these cars are ( just think of all the stuff you put in there you could have an entire hospital :)) #aar #concept #concept_train #concept_vehicle #emu #eneroth #eneroth_railroad #future #high_speed_rail #high_speed_train #mass_transit #passenger_train #public_transport #railroad #railroad_station #railway #railway_station #trains
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