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Skum Acoustics - Jafra FR – Pyramid fireproof absorber

Skum Acoustics - Jafra FR – Pyramid fireproof absorber

Skum Acoustics
The JAFRA FR panels are next-generation fireproof acoustic absorbers with a classic pyramid design. They are present in many music studios around the world. They are made of high quality fireproof Basotect® foam, which combines high sound absorption efficiency and good fire-resistance, class M1. The carefully-studied pyramid proportions are balanced to obtain a product with an attractive appearance and great durability that is easy to mount and gives a high acoustic performance. The pyramid-shaped profile increases the absorption surface, thereby improving the acoustic capacity per m2. Fireproof acoustic absorbers (pyramid-shaped) presented in 585 x 585mm panels (thickness of 45mm). Boxes containing 8 - 12 units to cover up to 2.7 - 4.1 m2. Basotect® acoustic foam, in white or light grey, fire class: M1. by Skum Acoustics #absorbente_acústico #absorbente_piramidal #absorbeur_acoustique #absorbeur_pyramidale #acoustic_absorber #acoustic_foam #Basotect_foam #espuma_acústica #espuma_Basotect #espuma_piramidal #mousse_acoustique #mousse_Basotect #mousse_pyramide #pyramid_absorber #pyramid_foam #Skum_Acoustics
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