The Roman Army - Cavalry Mount  w/ Saddle and Harness

The Roman Army - Cavalry Mount w/ Saddle and Harness

This model depicts a Roman cavalry mount standing about 14 hands (56 iinches) high at the withers, equiped with harness, bridle, Roman snaffle bit, and 4-horn saddle common to the period. This saddle had been adopted by the Roman army during the second century BC and was patterned after the Celtic saddle developed around 300 BC. Attached to the saddle is a quiver of short throwing javelins used in conjunction with the usual long Cavalry spear to run down and harass enemy troops. Please note that during this time period there was no distinction made between "ponies" and "horses" and that no conclusions about size can be drawn from a modern translation of any ancient word as "horse". While "horse" size during this time period varied, the horse modeled here would be larger than the normal military cavalry mount, whose usual size would range from 12 to 14 hands (48 to 56 inches) at the withers, considered to be only the size of a large pony by todays standards. #army #battle #cavalry #horse #Legion #Legionary #military #mount #pony #Roman #Rome #Soldier #war #warrior
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