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The RT Gyro I

The RT Gyro I

[This is only a theoretical car concept] This is the RT(Republic Transit) Gyro is a partially hovering vehicle, intended for civilian use. Utilizing two large gyroscopic devices located near the front end of the car, making it appear to hover by transferring all the weight to the rear axle. In the the PR Universe(My fun little sci-fi 'world), true anti-gravity mechanisms are restricted to large public facilities and the military(also they are far too large for small vehicles). This forced private auto-makers and designers to find an alternative. They ended up with this. With a comfortable cruising speed of 110 MPH, the gyroscopes allows more stability at higher speeds the next step is to make it more streamlined. [I edited a standard Sketchup car component and played around with the textures and shadows. I was trying out some new stuff when doing this other then making a car. :D Please respect my model] #automobile #car #fiction #floating #hover #hover_craft #hovercraft #RT_Gyro_I #sci_fi #science #science_fiction #scifi #sedan #semi #semi_hover
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