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AB-001 Dumbo

AB-001 Dumbo

The AB-001 Dumbo is a long range Atmospheric tactical bomber. The Dumbo's primary function is to hover over a designated area and to provide close air support to ground troops in the event that space support is unavailable or impractical. The Dumbo can be armed with any number of munitions ranging from any combination of smart bombs, guided bombs, dumb bombs, guided missiles, nuclear armaments, etc. Different versions of the Dumbo can serve any number of functions ranging from a landing platform (deploying ground forces in mass) to a small aircraft carrier. The Dumbo Stays aloft by use of anti-gravity engines, two on the sides and one at the rear to control pitch. The two large engines on the 'sides' are used for propulsion, intentionally overbuilt to take a huge beating and not fail. [Please respect my model and to give me credit if you use it.] #AB001 #air_craft #air_ship #atmosphere #Bomber #Dumbo #fiction #scifi #science_fiction #ship #vessel
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