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FLEX-01 Arm Chair

FLEX-01 Arm Chair

Orangebox Ltd
Network Landscapes Collection - The Flex Arm Chair / Sofa Flex is available as both an armchair and generous, two seat sofa. The expressed solid wood arm is available in Oak or Beech and the delicate chamfer on the arms outside face realises a more refined contemporary design, where the designer can dramatically change the presence of the product, dependent on fabric choice. Chairs within the Network Landscapes seating range: AVA-01: Meeting / Dining Chair BOOM-01: High Back Winged Library Chair NEEKY-01: High Back Lounge Chair BOUNCE-01: Low Back Lounge Chair DENCH-01: Single Seat Arm Chair / Sofa DENCH-02: Two Seat Arm Chair / Sofa FLEX-01: Single Seat Arm Chair / Sofa FLEX-02: Two Seat Arm Chair / Sofa ONYOURJAYS-01: Cafe Stool ORLY-01: Reclined Lounge Chair PEEPS-01: Single Seat Arm Chair / Sofa PEEPS-02: Two Seat Arm Chair / Sofa PEEPS-03: Three Seat Arm Chair / Sofa TOPE-01: Single Seat Lounge Chair / Sofa TOPE-02: Two Seat Lounge Chair / Sofa YOLO-01: Upholstered Deck Chair MOSS-01: Upholstered Deck Chair The above chairs are available within the Network Landscapes Soft Seating Collection on 3D Warehouse. #Chair #corporate #Furniture #Network #Network_Landscapes #Office #Orangebox #Seating #Sofa #Soft
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