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3DGameDesignLevels-SpiralizerFX Example2

3DGameDesignLevels-SpiralizerFX Example2

SkyscraperFX4SketchUp N.
Game Design Aids with SKyscraperFX for SketchUp: Spiralizer FX Example This an example 3D game design level block-concept model designed and built in a few minutes with SKyscraperFX for SketchUp software to demonstrate the use of this software for 2D or 3D game design. This model utilizes the SKyscraperFX AutoCAD Geometricon FX Spiralizer FX in combination. The design is several sub-designs which form one 3D game model concept. It took about an hour to draft from scratch in AutoCAD using the Geometricon FX aids, then porting to SketchUp for the 3D. This concept are ZeroZ Pushed Face FX and a Z-Stepped based examples, a combo pack with variations of this design will follow shortly. There are infinite variations on this concept and the various FX relationships that can be experimented with relatively quickly with SKyscraperFX as usable for 3D game design level and game site concepts. SKyscraperFX is a fast concept 2D to 3D FX generator for concept design for gaming design, urban design and 3D enthusiasts using SketchUp. SKyscraperFX generates fast basic level 3D designs which can be refined later. The purpose is to be able to quickly conceptualize base 3D game designs layouts, silhouetting and levels design from various 2D patterns portable to SketchUp while in design.  Because SKyscraperFX has a multitude of 3D and 2D design FX, plus various techniques and ways to combine FX to vary design forms upon any user created SketchUp, AutoCAD or library included 2D geometry, it can create nearly infinite design variations besides these shown in the multiple game design packs. These are mostly concept level game level designs which would be suitable for further 3D refinements later, tracking studies or for this level of concept or 3D graphical design as well. Tutorials and Videos at YouTube SKyscraperFX4SketchUp channel. #city_design #concept_design #gaming_design #highrise #level_design #sketchup_architecture #sketchup_buildings #sketchup_cities #sketchup_extensions #sketchup_skyscrapers #sketchup_software #skyscraper_design #skyscrapers #urban_design #urban_planning
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