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Textured Lancer Assault Rifle

Textured Lancer Assault Rifle

While it is quite clear that I am a dedicated Halo fan, this doesn't mean that I solely focus on said game series. Another series I find entertaining is the Gears of War games. While halo is built around frantic battle with clean looking weapons, gears uses a more tactical approach to gameplay, and sports much more brutal-looking boomsticks. And none in the GOW arsenal is more brutal than the Lancer. The stanard-issue rifle for the COG forces, this bad machine is fully automatic, accuate at range, and dishes out a whole lotta close range hurt with a chainsaw bayonet. Like I said, I'm a dedicated halo fan, but if its a choice between this and the MA5C, you can bet that I'll be wielding a lancer any day. UPDATE: as a pre-emptive strike, I swear to god that this one is all my making. I know that warclaw made one like it, but trust me, this one is of my crafting. #assault #birdman #gears #gun #lancer #of #rifle #texture #war #weapon
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