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Dreadnought Class Ship

Dreadnought Class Ship

A shiny new starship design! The design is obviously based on the Star Destroyer (Star Wars) a delta wing over the top of officers' quarters and an array of guided torpedo banks on either side. Atop the delta wing are two airlocks and primary sensor domes can be found. The command centre is located on the underside with the dorsal and forward directions being primarily used for combat. The position of the command centre also allows for a view over and planet below during orbit. Either side of the command centre are hangar bays for a small shuttle with supplies and a single airlock behind. When long range torpedoes are no longer effective, banks of rail guns & point defence line the hull for more effective close range combat. Internally, I imagine a set up more similar to older ships whereby crew would eat and sleep at their working stations, saving space by not having specific quarters (aside from the officers). Warp coils are protected by the hull along the centre of the ship
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